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New Art | Le Pif

Not only do they have great wine, but Le Pif wine bar in New York City has a growing collection of fine art. Here are a few pictures of my piece entitled "Chaos" at Le Pif wine bar in Manhattan, New York City.

Photo taken by Allie Bellucci at Le Pif

This piece took a lot out time and thought. I spent around 75 hours painting this piece and another 4 to 5 hours hand placing the metal leaf details in the paint. This meticulous process is oddly therapeutic for me as it reminds me of counting rice or sewing beadwork. While that sounds strange spending a lot of time working on something like this is my reprieve from the "regular world." I lose track of what time it is, where I am, if I've eaten and pretty much everything that constitutes as reality. It's exhausting, not because it takes so long but because it requires me to combine meditative practices with emotional self-reflection.

She’s called “Chaos.” Visit Le Pif Restaurant located at 465 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011 for all inquiries and French wine needs.


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