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Find Your Passion During Quarantine by Turning Inward

Sometimes when you put too much energy towards the outer self, your inner self can feel left behind. I feel like we live in a society that prizes outward appearance and accomplishment much more openly because the inner work is a lot harder to see. We can't "measure" it by regular scientific methods with large samples and graphs. We have to do the work ourselves and measure it by our own standards. Creating and maintaining that discipline is probably the most difficult part.

What do you do to create that balance in your life? How do you maintain it? Is it allowing you to live in a state of abundance?

I've been using quarantine as a time to stay connected to myself. I love getting lost in the endless oceans of online memes that flood my finsta–– but sometimes, I need a break. I need to disappear and just be. I just need to think. In my opinion, this TED Talk really helps put into words the significance of taking time for yourself and thinking about what you want.

In this weird and uncertain time of COVID-19, I found myself feeling a little more than socially distant. Spiritual distancing is actually a thing and Noeline touches on it just a bit in her talk, but I want to know and share more so I can discover how to best incorporate it into my selfcare routine.

Got your passion? Now it's time to get organized. Check out my post on how Lunar Planners literally put me on the path to manifesting the things I truly want. Subscribe and comment your thoughts! Let me know what helps you take care of you.

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